Do you wish you had more time to manage your business?

With the latest technology in place, our bookkeeping solution allows us to save you time and money by becoming your outsourced accounting department—remotely! We provide professional, consistent and secure bookkeeping services that relieve you of the time-consuming task. You can focus on growing your business, while we take care of your bookkeeping needs.

At Lauzen Accounting, you can rely on us for your daily accounts payable, and cash balance tracking. All data is exchanged in real time, giving you a quick and accurate picture of your business activity anytime, anywhere.

Outsourced bookkeeping makes smart financial sense. Reduce your overhead costs by eliminating a specialized employee dedicated to overseeing the books. With your trusted advisors on the job, there is never a worry about the security of the data. Your stress is eliminated.

The Value of Outsourced Bookkeeping

The benefits to you are immense. Consider the following:
  • Frees you to focus on your business, not time-intensive administrative tasks.
  • Eliminates vendor late fees—we ensure that all your bills are paid on time.
  • Saves you money by eliminating the need for onsite staff.
  • Provides assurance that all your bookkeeping needs are met—our experts take care of everything for you.
  • Offers ultimate convenience because all documents are exchanged online.
  • Ensures security of data—processing documents within our online platform is more secure than sending documents via email.

The Process is Simple

Everything is handled online, so you don't incur the extra costs associated with delivering paper documents or scheduling pick up of monthly reports and financial statements. Take a look at our simple process:
  • When invoices and other bookkeeping documents come in to your office, either scan and upload the electronic copies to your portal, email, or fax them to us.
  • Your documents are received in our office electronically.
  • Our experts process all documents.
  • Our experts deliver management reports, financial statements, tax planning and cash flow reports, and more to you via your portal or email.
  • It's a completely paperless and convenient process!